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Roland FDD->USB

19. Janary 2013:

Now the old floppy drive must go to make room for the new USB drive.

Remove the power and data cable from the floppy drive.

Before going any further I want to test the USB drive.
So I put the power and data cable in place.
Here is a video of the test.

Remove the four screws from underneath the drive.
Please don't swear.

Insert the four screws from underneath the drive (yes the other way).
And please don't swear this time either.

The power plug on the USB drive is on the other side compared to the floppy drive.
The cable is too short but I could cut some strips...

and that did the trick.
I did put in some news strips to hold the wires.

Now the USB drive is mounted and looking nice.

Put the cover back in place through the holes on each side.
I had to wriggle it a bit to get it straight - it is important the "roll" is in place and the same on each side. Remember to put the plastic caps in place as well.
Put the cover over the keyboard - in its close position.
After this slide the top in place be carefull not to scratch anything.

I only had kind of ugly USB-sticks for the test. Big white, green, brown and so on.
That is not a good choise so I decided to buy some NanoSticks in black instead.
Look at that - nice.

And we are done.

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